Learn How to Measure ROI of Data Quality with Sr. Analyst Richard Joyce

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“How do I achieve outstanding ROI, without the worry, so I can protect my budget?”

We have a surprise for you. We know the answer to this question.

(But that’s not all!)

We also know a guy who is apart of a company that specializes in the topic.

(But wait. There’s MORE!)

We thought how amazing it would be if that guy would help your organization by sharing his knowledge AND answer any question you have to help benefit your business!

(How amazing is that!?)

In this one-time webinar, special guest speaker and analyst from Forrester, Richard Joyce, will help us answer this very question as we examine the rise of data-driven marketing and how the quality of digital data informs budgets while affecting advertising ROI.

Interested in joining us? Great! We’d hoped you say yes.

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Originally Published On June 11, 2017
October 8, 2020