Taking a Deep Dive into the Data Layer

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minute


You know the Data Layer. You understand what it is, the basic importance, and some of the benefits it can give your website. So why dive deeper?

We are so GLAD you asked!

The data layer is a critical component of any Tag Management System that has many aspects for you to consider. There are a multitude of benefits and necessities within the data layer that go beyond basic knowledge.

On March 28th at 11am EST, we will be taking a deep dive into the data layer and help you have a more advanced understanding what the data layer is.

Specifically, we will be covering:

  • Business Considerations:
    • Why a data layer is important
    • What to include in your data layer
    • General architecture/structure of a data layer
  • Technical Considerations:
    • How to implement a data layer
    • A deeper look at data layer architecture
    • Data layer development requirements
  • Primary benefits of using a central data layer

This is a webinar you do not want to miss! Dive into the Deep with Us by Registering here!

Originally Published On March 12, 2017
July 20, 2017