Server-side Tag Management Monitoring with Tag Inspector

View tags loading and data sent from a server-side Google Tag Manager container to verify compliance policies are followed in practice.

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Key Benefits

Full visibility for tags loading and data sent by tags loading from server-side Google Tag Manager. Monitor and document compliant data collection across all platforms, regardless of their management, client or server-side.


Maintain full visibility for data flows when managing tags via a server-side Google Tag Manager architecture.

Compliance Policy Monitoring

Document all platforms receiving data for all consent conditions available for users on your website, regardless of how each tag loads—client-side, piggybacking, or server-side.

Server-side Tag Auditing

Ensure that all necessary and permissible data is being transmitted through tags set up in server-side Google Tag Manager in order to confirm the correctness of your setup.

How It Works

Add any Server-side Google Tag Manager Configuration Identifier to your Tag Inspector account. Once added, the Container Configuration can be added to any scan run to view tags loading from the server-side container in reporting. Tags are viewable in both individual scan reports as well as within the Governance module for Tag Policy monitoring.

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