Evaluate and Improve Your Performance Impact of Tags with Tag Inspector

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For every second a customer waits, another customer leaves your website. Ouch!

It’s difficult to swallow, but in a world of instant gratification & Hi-Speed Technology, it has become unrealistic to expect consumers to wait and see what you have to offer – when three other site are producing attractive visuals at a higher speed. The hard truth is, the very tools and codes you are using to bring consumers to your website, are possibly the same culprits who are losing you customers.

What’s a marketer to do!?

Luckily, we have a two -part webinar series that will help you eliminate the problem and find a steady solution!

On March 16th at 1pm EST, The Performance Impact of Tags will help you understand how your website tags, pixels and tracking codes impact site performance and user experience. We will discuss general factors and ways to minimize the performance impact of tags.

In part two of the series, we will Evaluate the Performance Impact of Tags with Tag Inspector. On March 22nd at 12pm EST, we will explore the performance metrics found in Real Time Reporting with Tag Inspector. We will give you an introduction to the Performance Module and how to access it.

This is a webinar series that will save you time and potential customers.

You do not want to miss out on either webinar! Register for both today!

The Performance Impact of Tags – 3/16/17 at 1pm EST
Evaluating the Performance Impact of Tags with Tag Inspector – 03/22/17 12pm EST

Originally Published On April 3, 2017
July 20, 2017