A Tag Management Journey Through the Data Layer

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Proper Tag Management, and Data Layer Performance, is critical to a successful website.  As a digital marketing professional, you need the best resources and insights specifically geared towards your current site needs. Thankfully, we have not one but THREE webinars that will get you connected to the best information for those resources and insights!

On April 26th, we are Testing and Validating the Data Layer.  We believe that your digital data is too important to leave to chance so we have created a webinar that will break down the steps and provide tips for testing your data layer for confidence in its deployment.

On May 4th, we are going to discuss Data Layer Validation with Tag Inspector. You know that the data layer is important, so why not learn about what tools are helpful to ensure monitoring accuracy with great results.

On May 10th, we are going to tie everything together with A Tag Management Journey. We are going to discuss the journey from start to finish and provide insights on resources that will help you apply the new tools along the way.


You will not want to miss out on these webinars!

To register, click the links below:

April 26th 2pm EST – Testing and Validating the Data Layer

May 4th, 1pm EST – Data Layer Validation with Tag Inspector

May 10th, 1pm EST – A Tag Management Journey

Originally Published On June 19, 2017
July 20, 2017