Full Service Tag Auditing and Monitoring

Tag Inspector is a tag auditing platform that is designed for marketers, by marketers. If you manage a large site or multi-brand enterprise, Tag Inspector’s comprehensive tag library and live tag monitoring across any website will give you unparalleled data quality and performance peace of mind.

Tag Inspector: Full Service Tag Auditing and Monitoring

Become a Data Hero
Save the day, everyday, with our tag audit platform

If you wish to activate the power of your data tomorrow, you need to accurately collect it today. Here are some of the ways Tag Inspector can help you become your organization’s Data Hero!

  • Confidence

    Don’t get caught with gaps in your reports, especially when presenting to colleagues and executives.

  • Don't Take a Chance on Conversion Rate

    Identify how each individual tag affects load time and, ultimately, impacts your bottom line.

  • Protect Your Customers

    Establish and enforce your data governance and compliance policy to avoid any data leaks (and the PR mess that comes with them).

  • Save Time

    It’s not feasible to manually test and monitor an enterprise website’s marketing tags. Help your team out by automating testing, monitoring and reporting!


Why audit and monitor marketing tags?

Tag Governance is a process that involves the end-to-end auditing of all marketing tags within an enterprise. Initial tag auditing, as well as ongoing monitoring, are key steps in developing a complete tag governance process.

Key reasons organizations invest in tag auditing and monitoring solutions include:

  • Tag performance insights to optimize site performance and user experience

  • Analysis of tag behavior on the website to establish and monitor a Tag Governance Policy

  • Ability to be notified of data collection issues and quickly remediate

  • Automated testing and validation of tag and data layer architecture


Why Does Data Quality Matter?

It’s simple. You need data to accurately measure campaign performance, allowing for the correct allocation of your marketing budget. Just one day of missing data can result in losing 3-10% of monthly conversion details.

The results can be devastating, leaving you unable to differentiate between successful campaigns and those that were ineffective.


What do you do with the data, beyond initial implementation?

Tag Inspector can provide data in many formats, helping the team responsible for monitoring tags quickly make collected data actionable.

  • API

    Raw data can be imported into your database. Our product support specialist can also help you run custom queries to troubleshoot any discrepancies.

  • Enterprise Dashboards

    Tag Inspector data can be aggregated into enterprise dashboards to provide stakeholders with a visual representation of the state of data collection.

  • Real-Time Alerting and Monitoring

    Once all validation rules are set up, your team will be immediately notified if something happens that may negatively impact data collection or conversions.


Tag Inspector is a marketing tag and data quality monitoring solution that validates the collection of online data at the moment of capture.

Loss of data doesn’t just impact the quality of reports, but also affects all of your downstream systems, your ability to perform analysis, and can even reflect poorly on your individual performance.

Don’t let data go missing! Ensure that every click, conversion, event and transaction is collected, or get an alert in real-time.

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Key Features

Track Data Collection in Funnels and Conversion Pages

Establish Policies, Validation and Alerting

Two Modes of Operation: Synthetic Scanning or Real User Monitoring