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Tag Inspector Features

Accurate Data

Data Collection Validation

Go beyond ensuring the initial implementation is correct; validate proper data collection in the live environment at all times. Tag Inspector Realtime will validate every conversion, every button click, and every page load to identify any potential issues.

Robust Tag Library

Over 2500 tags are currently in the Tag Inspector library with new classifications added weekly. There are no limits to how many tags you can scan for and no need to specify which tags you want us to check.

Identify unauthorized tags that you didn’t even know existed loading on your site. Full site audits for all tags and technologies has never been more powerful!

Intelligent Crawler For Full Site Inventory

Tag Inspector’s intelligent crawler will navigate all pages* of your website, simulating a user, and capturing requests sent by tags firing on initial pageload. See what tags are present, the pages they are on (or missing from), and how each tag loads.

Ongoing Tag Monitoring

Monitor the behavior of tags at all times in the live environment. Identify tags that are removed from the site, data that is no longer being collected, and any changes in tags on the site. Create Validation Rules around required tags and data collection. If the rules are broken, be alerted in real time of any violations

Save Time

Scheduled Scans

Tag Inspector offers the unique ability to schedule scans. Choose the browser you’d like to test, the day you’d like to run the first scan, and the desired schedule for future scans – then let us do the work!

Tag & Pixel Performance

Identify issues with tag latency and site performance due to tags/pixels on the site.

In Tag Inspector reporting, see latency for all hits sent by each tag, see how tag performance is affecting data collection, and identify tags responsible for poor page performance and user experience.

Protect Customer Data

Tag Governance Policy Monitoring

In Scan reports, identify the location of unauthorized third parties, data being collected by those tags, and how they are gaining access to your site.

In Realtime, identify the conditions under which unauthorized tags are firing on the site.

Tag Hierarchy

Tag Inspector’s Tag Hierarchy allows a view of tag load behavior in a clean, visual representation. Dig deeper to see the stack trace of each load behavior for all tags and identify specific pages that are double-tagged or where unauthorized piggybacking is occurring.

Tag Rules for Automated Governance Validation

Define allowed and required tag behavior to be notified of any unauthorized tag loading behavior. With Tag Inspector Policies & Rules, create a Whitelist and have tags not on that list highlighted in the reporting. You can also define the tags that are required and how they should be loading.

Managed Services

In-Depth Tag Audit

Need help auditing all tags/pixels on your site?

Let us help you get a full tag inventory, list of all data being collected by each tag, map loading behavior for tags, highlight gaps in data collection, and provide recommendations for tag architecture optimization.

Tag/Pixel Migration

The Tag Inspector team can assist with taking a full inventory of all tags/pixels firing on your site, then classify and provide context on each tag found.

We provide guidance on optimal loading behavior and a tag migration plan can be generated with the client team. We’ll also outline the process to remove tags from the source code and deploy through any major Tag Management System.

Tag Governance Policy Guidance

Having issues with unauthorized third party tags loading on the site?

We help clients define what tags and tag loading behavior should be allowed on their site. Documentation is then created and circulated to all third-party partners. Tag Policies are translated into Tag Inspector rules, allowing us to monitor and alert you of any unauthorized data collection.

Ongoing Tag Management

Our team of experienced tag implementation specialists can assist with ongoing tag management via any major Tag Management System. Full offering includes expert management of all tag implementations and TMS enhancements.

We have helped create a new tag implementation process for some of the largest eCommerce sites in the US and Globally.

Tag Inspector Implementation, Rule Creation, Ongoing Support

Let the experts help in your deployment and use of Tag Inspector!

Additional support is available, from implementation to diagnosis of any tag issues highlighted by Tag Inspector.