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Tag Inspector Realtime™

Realtime™ is a patent-pending technology from InfoTrust, LLC that allows website publishers to monitor marketing tag behavior real-time.

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How Tag Monitor Realtime Works:

Step 3
Tag monitors all tags loading on all pages of the site
Step 4
Monitoring results available in UI, Reports or API

Realtime Features

Do I really need another tag?

Yes you do, but your tagging life will not be the same once you deploy it. Tag Inspector tag is:

  • loading from high performance Amazon cloud servers and will never slow down your site
  • can be deployed through any tag management system
  • will show you results within minutes. Not hours that it previously took to test a large site. Minutes.

Tag Monitor Validation Rules

Tag Inspector Realtime™ records every byte of data submitted via tag network request. Tag Inspector Realtime™ validation rules allow both wizard-based and programmatic (custom JavaScript code) inspection of tag data. Validation rules can determine if a Social Security Number, Phone Number, Credit Card Number, email or any other string or characters is included in tag request. Through leveraging Realtime Alerting, tag validation engine can inform fraud prevention department real-time if certain critical validation rule has been violated.

Track all tags and tag data going on a very big site.

Collect tag data from every page of every site within your enterprise

Tag Inspector Realtime can collect data on private section of your website

Tag Inspector Realtime can collect tag data through complex checkout or navigation funnels such

Tag Inspector Realtime can monitor tags that fire conditionally, upon a click engagement, or scroll

Tag Latency Reporting

Tag Inspector Realtime™ records how long it takes each tag to load and reports tag latency for actual visitor sessions - not simulated site crawl.

Validate all analytics and conversion tag variables

Tag data validation is an important requirement for any complex web analytics implementation

Tag Inspector Realtime™ tracks all GA custom dimensions, SiteCatalyst props and other custom variables

Report tag outage in real time

Tag Inspector Realtime™ will detect if mandatory tags are missing from the pages and will report data outage within minutes.

Real life scenario - due to tag coding error Google Analytics is throwing an exception and not loading

Fraud Prevention

Detect data leakage:

  • SSN
  • Credit Card
  • Personally Identifiable Information

Detect fields getting scraped and loaded into 3rd party tags

Benefits Comparison

Tag Inspector Realtime™
Competitive Intelligence
Make Site Changes?
- small async javascript tag
Data From Member-only, Password Protected, or Form Fill Sections of the Site
Data On Tags Fired From Ajax, Button Clicks
User Agent/Device Type Selector Can Configure Custom User Agent Tracks User Agents of Real Visitors
Event variables And Tag Parameters Captured
Volume/Ability to Test Entire Site up to 100,000 pages per scan. Only tracks pages visited by live visitors. There is no “crawler”, so will only report on pages that were visited by live visitors

Not sure? Contact our Sales Team. A number of our clients with complex requirements chose to invest in both products.