Tag Management Tips: What are Tags?

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When it comes to tag management, it is difficult to understand how it truly benefits your business when you have very little understanding of what the components are & what tag management is helping you do. We understand the frustration which is why for the next five weeks, we will be covering the basics of tag management and the components … Read More

Webinar Wrap-Up: Tag Auditing Made Easy

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Tag Audits Made Easy

If you don’t have a goal, you’ll have no context which results in wasted time gathering a lot of information and figuring out what to do with all of the information later. This is a stressful headache. If you start out with a particular goal, you will know exactly what to dig into.Lucas Long (Paraphrased)In Tag Auditing Made Easy, we … Read More

How to Find Solutions for Monitoring Tag Performance Metrics

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Performance metrics are meant to be reviewed in tandem, but how do you know which metrics to watch closely and which ones to aren’t as important? Not all performance metrics are created equal, which is why are are dedicating a webinar to identifying the most important metrics to consider when assessing performance. Join us September 19th at 11am EDT to … Read More

What Wall Street Can Teach Madison Avenue

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What Wall Street Can Teach Madison Avenue

Although the financial industry is not defined by Wall Street and Madison Ave. is no longer a hot spot for all the marketing and media agencies, these two streets still represent two very distinct worlds. Over the past two years, I have been watching the show Billions on Showtime and this, along with a series of other events that I … Read More

5 Main Components of a Solid Tag Management Methodology

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Anything that is worth having requires proper maintenance to ensure its longevity. It takes work, dedication, and persistence to ensure that your time investment is beneficial. In regards to your organization’s digital world influence, it is important that your website tags are at an optimum performance level to ensure high conversion rates. Why? According to KissMetrics, the impact of poor … Read More

Webinar Wrap-Up: Evaluating and Monitoring Tag Performance Impact

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Each tag placed on a webinar has its own unique loading time, which can be impacted by factors entirely outside of your control. With each additional tag added, they potential for reduced site performance increase. “How can we optimize? What can we be doing to optimize in order to optimize performance of the site?” In this webinar, we focused on … Read More

Best Practices for Testing and Validating the Data Layer

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Feeling confident in deploying your site data layer is important. Why? Well, for starters: There is nothing like wasted energy in testing and retesting to ensure everything is running properly! (Efficiency is just as important.) In this webinar, we will break down the steps + provide tips & tricks for testing your data layer to ensure that you feel confident … Read More

InfoTrust is Opening an Office in Barcelona, Spain!


I am incredibly grateful and excited to announce that InfoTrust is opening an office in Barcelona, Spain. Not only it is considered by many to be the digital hub of Europe, but it was recently chosen by Business Insider as #6 place for millennials to live in the world – Best Cities for Millennials 2017. Our clients are very large … Read More