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The Tag Management Master Guide

Recently we have been fielding a lot more questions about tags, pixels, data collection, and tag auditing from a less technical audience. This means that tags are finally coming out of the dark corners of your website and are more of a focal point for marketing, media, and technology teams! It also means that more […]

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The Friday Five – This Week in the Tag Management Space (5/20)

The Friday Five catches you up weekly on the big stories in the Tag Management Space. We summarize, and you enjoy.     For this week in the Tag Management Space: Ensighten Joins the IBM Universal Behavior Exchange – As one of the leaders in the enterprise tag management space, Ensighten announced its integration with […]

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Zombie Tags – What’s Lurking on Your Site?

With Halloween right around the corner, there are all kinds of things out there meant to give you a little scare. Ghosts, witches, and goblins all ready to surprise you at any moment. But what if I told you the most terrifying thing could be something you aren’t even aware of? What if there is […]

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Are the 2016 Presidential Candidates Secretly Collecting Data about You?

As the 2016 race to the White House heats up, one issue that is white hot is privacy. Specifically, how much privacy United States citizens are entitled to from their government. Does the government have the right to collect our information, such as phone records? Should a warrant be required to do so? What should […]

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The Marketer’s Infographic to Tag Management

Last week we published The Marketer’s Guide to Tag Management. In the guide, we outlined the tag management industry!  We covered: What is a tag? The growth of tag management The benefits and features How to implementation and test your tag management system The future of tag management Since there was a lot of information provided in […]

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[Download] The Marketer’s Guide to Implementing a Tag Management System

As a marketer, a tag management system (TMS) can be an absolute blessing. They have many benefits, including: Increased marketing agility Improved site performance Decreased costs Tag consolidation and centralization However, tag management systems don’t just implement themselves. Getting to the point where you can improve your marketing agility, improve site performance, and consolidate tags requires […]

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The State of Tag Management: An Interview with Ensighten

I’m very excited to bring you part three of our State of Tag Management Q&A series! This week, we spoke with Ensighten’s Josh Manion, CEO and Founder.   Photo courtesy of Josh Manion, CEO and Founder of Ensighten   Q&A Josh took the time to offer us some insights on the state of tag management and […]

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The State of Tag Management: A Q&A With TagCommander

Welcome to the next post in our Q&A series on The State of Tag Management. I’m extremely excited to introduce Michael Froment, CEO and Co-Founder of TagCommander.     Michael Froment, CEO & Co-Founder, TagCommander   About Michael As TagCommander’s chief executive officer, Michael is responsible for TagCommander’s day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s […]

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Why have an XML Sitemap?

A sitemap is an easy way for the site administrators to notify a search engine’s crawlers about the organization of their site’s content. You might have seen links to sitemaps within a site that take you to a browser page having the links enlisted with hyperlinks. An XML Sitemap is slightly different. It is an […]

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Solving the ‘Tag’ Conundrum!

I began my journey in the Digital Marketing space as a developer and one of my first tasks was to implement, these things called ‘Tags’ on a bunch of websites. Until then, my understanding of tags was only limited to the tags that I had seen in markup languages. So, the first time that I […]

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